El Perro Del Mar

El Perro Del Mar on ‘KoKoro'(the 5th album)

For every new album I make I always start by seeking out an instrument or two that feels completely new to me – that stirs something in me; that ignite feelings, words and melodies. Having both consciously and subconsciously distanced myself the last few years from “commercially streamlined and easy accessible music” in the wish to find a new way to write relevant pop music with references and influences that feel fresh and that had no obvious western referential holdings on me. I think I was after the directness that signified my debut album but that spoke both of big and small matters of the heart rather than only navel-gazing ones.
The last few years, having experiencing grief and loss but also becoming a mother, have done things to me and my music. I can’t deny that. It’s changed me.
Having always felt like an outsider, never finding a place to belong or to be part of I suddenly felt just that the second my son came to me. Having him in my life has meant coming home, something I’ve never felt before and I can’t or rather don’t need to seek flight anymore.

‘KoKoro’ is about the vulnerability and the strength of the heart. What the heart is exposed to, both internally and externally. The heart cannot be protected. Not from pain, not from happiness. Not from love, not from corruption. I’ve been thinking a lot about issues such as “who am I if the social norms, expectations and pressures I carry were to be stripped away?” Hard? Soft? Or maybe both?
In a time that seem to go backwards humanistically and morally, seeking to put up walls rather than tearing them down I realized I wanted to make a borderless album that belongs nowhere but has a universal voice and a universal heart.


Main instruments on ‘KoKoro’:
*Guzheng (Chinese string instrument)
*Japanese Shakuhachi flute and various other Asian flutes
*Arabic strings
*Plenty of tambourines
*Ethiopian rhythms


* Abida Parveen (Legendary Sufi singer from Pakistan)
* Yeshimebet Dubale (Ethiopian singer with the MOST beautiful voice I’ve ever heard).
* Javanese gamelan music
* Chinese guzheng music
* Asha Bhosle (Legendary Indian singer)
* Nahid Akhtar (Pakistani singer)
* Kim Jung Mi (South Korean singer from the 1970’s)
* Enimut Kindie (Ethiopian musician)
* Sinn Sisamouth (Legendary Cambodian singer-songwriter)


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