Timber Timbre Announce New LP ‘Sincerely, Future Pollution’ Out 4/7/17 Via City Slang












January 17, 2017 – Timber Timbre – the Canadian trio of Taylor Kirk, Mathieu Charbonneau, and Simon Trottier, with drummer Olivier Fairfield – will release their fourth album Sincerely, Future Pollution on April 7, 2017 via City Slang. The video for first single “Sewer Blues” debuted this morning via NPR Music, which wrote that the song “…offers a dark take on the state of America with throbbing synths and swampy guitars”; watch now here: https://youtu.be/1h5ePI_cvHk. Sincerely, Future Pollution is now available for pre-order in multiple formats here: https://timbertimbre.lnk.to/sfp.

Timber Timbre’s music has always traced a shadowed path, using cues of the past to fuse the sound of a distant, haunted now. On Sincerely, Future Pollution, the band coats the stark, sensual sound of 2014’s Polaris Music Prize Short-Listed and JUNO Award-nominated album Hot Dreams in an oil-black rainbow of municipal grime. It is the cinema of a dizzying dystopia, rattled by the science fiction of this bluntly nonfictional time.

“Sewer Blues” is an ironclad groove marked by plodding, heavy rhythm, cavernous delay, and a backdrop of starry synthesizers. Kirk’s nearly spoken words seem to emit from the underbelly of urban decay, carried on the ominous air of these troubled days.

“2016 was a very difficult time to observe,” he says. “I hate to admit that normally I express more sensitivity than concern politically, but I think the tone and result on the record is utter chaos and confusion. When we were recording, the premonition was that the events we saw unfolding were an elaborate hoax. But the mockery made of our power system spawned a lot of dark, dystopic thoughts and ideas. And then it all happened, while everyone was on Instagram. The sewers overflowed.”

Sincerely, Future Pollution stands out in Timber Timbre’s catalogue of imagistic records, with Kirk and band-mates Charbonneau and Trottier taking a unique approach to the band’s process of sonic invention. Kirk wrote the songs in late 2015/early 2016, then arranged the music over a “very focused” Montreal winter with the veteran Timber Timbre members. Kirk explains how Charbonneau and Trottier came to play more integral roles in the realization of Sincerely, Future Pollution, articulating the songs’ urgency with an unexpected palette:

“My solitary sketching was left more rudimentary than in the past,” Kirk says. “The prior records, I’d decided what they were going to sound like. I’d imagined the arrangements when the songs were sketched. Down to anomalous sounds. There was a vision that was manageable somehow. This album was much less focused that way, but far more complex. It was complicated and challenging to the end, every detail seeming somehow counterintuitive.”

For the recording, the trio – armed with “secret weapon” Fairfield on drums – travelled to La Frette chateau outside Paris, where they looked to the studio’s array of archetypal synthesizers for the flesh of the songs. Be it the freedom of recording abroad, or the revelation of these unexplored instruments, Timber Timbre found a release from artistic constriction and created its most daring work yet. A blend of the album’s mid-apocalyptic setting and its idyllic recording, Sincerely, Future Pollution is a romance of neoteric machines and dark, futuristic hues: with promise as beautiful as it is unsettling.

Wresting sincerity from abstraction, Kirk submits to the cycle of self-obsession at the album’s core. Sincerely, Future Pollution is Timber Timbre’s document of this generation’s degeneration and disarray. With Kirk as narrator, a party to the play, we get caught in the folly of the echo chamber, awed by the contrast of this gothic modern age. A full track listing and cover artwork are below.

Timber Timbre will embark on a North American tour this spring, beginning on April 28th in Chicago, IL. The run will continue through May 12th in San Diego, CA, and includes a May 11th show in Los Angeles, CA. A current itinerary is below.


Sincerely, Future Pollution track listing:

  1. Velvet Gloves & Spit
  2. Grifting
  3. Skin Tone
  4. Moment
  5. Sewer Blues
  6. Western Questions
  7. Sincerely, Future Pollution
  8. Bleu Nuit
  9. Floating Cathedral


Timber Timbre tour dates:

APR. 6             RENNES, FR                            MYTHOS FESTIVAL

APR. 8             BRUSSELS, BE                       BOTANIQUE

APR. 9             AMSTERDAM, NL                   PARADISO NOORD

APR. 11           BERLIN, DE                             HUXLEY’S

APR. 13           MALMO, SW                            BABEL

APR. 14           COPENHAGEN, DK                 BREMEN TEATER

APR. 15           HAMBURG, DE                                    UEBEL & GEFAHRLICH

APR. 18           LONDON, UK                           ISLINGTON ASSEMBLY HALL

APR. 19           PARIS, FR                               LA CIGALE

APR. 28           CHICAGO, IL                           LINCOLN HALL

APR. 29           MINNEAPOLIS, MN                 CEDAR CULTURAL CENTER

APR. 30           WINNIPEG, MB                                    WEST END CULTURAL CENTRE

MAY 2             EDMONTON, AB                     STARLITE ROOM

MAY 3             CALGARY, AB                         COMMONWEALTH BAR & STAGE

MAY 5             VANCOUVER, BC                    THE VOGUE THEATRE

MAY 6             SEATTLE, WA                         TRACTOR TAVERN

MAY 7             PORTLAND, OR                      WONDER BALLROOM


MAY 10                       SANTA ANA, CA                      CONSTELLATION ROOM

MAY 11                       LOS ANGELES, CA                 THE ECHOPLEX

MAY 12                       SAN DIEGO, CA                      SODA BAR