In the suburbs, life moves at a slower pace; routine is valued and gossip fuels the local news. Dizzy — three brothers Alex (guitar), Mackenzie (bass), and Charlie (drums) Spencer, with his close friend since 9th grade Math class, Katie Munshaw (vocals) — are a band from Oshawa, Ontario who make music to combat the anxieties of this provincial ennui. Their early singles for Royal Mountain Records / Communion Music are “Stars and Moon,” produced by Damian Taylor (Arcade Fire, Bjork, The Killers), and “Swim,” produced by Nixon Boyd, which received early accolades from outlets such as DIY, The Line of Best Fit, The 405, and Uproxx (noting the band are “one to keep an eye on”). Dizzy has also supported acts like Tei Shi, Bleachers, and Milk & Bone on recent live dates.

Like most small-town millennials, Dizzy went to high school basement parties, discovered the dangerous distractions of social media, scraped their knees, fell in love, and felt insecure. Unlike most of their peers, though, Dizzy ditched the routine high school to college to 9 to 5 trajectory to create story-songs out of their coming of age in suburbia. “Oshawa is dense. We all grew up in modern suburbia so there’s an arm’s length between my neighbour’s house and mine.” Said Munshaw. “Making music always stemmed from my being overly sensitive about everything, so when you’re that close to so many people you’re bound to meet the essential characters that screw you up enough to start writing about them. Oshawa introduced me to friendship and heartache and change while keeping me bored enough to sit at home and write about it.”

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