Holy Ghost!

Holy Ghost!

Following its lauded world premiere at 2018’s Tribeca Film Festival, NYC duo Holy Ghost! have released Crime Cutz — a 17 minute, four-part documentary directed by Ben Fries and Alden Nusser that spotlights various subjects from New York City’s past, present and future. The film is available to watch via the new digital platform and streaming player of the film’s Executive Producers, KABINETT; watch HERE or below. Fries and Nusser originally set out to make a long form music video for Holy Ghost!’s 2016 Crime Cutz EP (DFA Records) but the project expanded into a year in the making short film that profiles the following New Yorkers: 93-year-old Stuart Hodes — a WWII vet turned professional dancer and choreographer — and his dancer/singer/actress wife Elizabeth; Hustle dance revivalists Lori Brizzi — the host of NYC’s monthly Millennium Hustle dance party — and Louis Orlando; teenager Caramia Lior, an aspiring singer and performer; and NYC street performer Brad Pawly a.k.a. Super Bad Brad, who once earned a standing ovation at Showtime at the Apollo. For each song on the Crime Cutz EP, Fries and Nusser invited all subjects to share their personal stories in their own unique styles, showcasing every individual as both subject and collaborator, blurring the line between documentary and music video.

Crime Cutz earned features in the New York Daily News, Paper Magazine, and NBC 4 New York’s Nightly News, which profiled Stuart Hodes about his inspiring story (WATCH). Holy Ghost!’s Alex Frankel and Nicholas Milhiser, along with the directors, were also interviewed on Red Bull Radio’s ‘Peak Time’ radio show about the film last week, listen HERE.

“We all grew up together in NYC so we share many of the same cultural touchstones,” says Fries, adding, “Holy Ghost!’s music is influenced by New York’s past and our music videos have always played with the idea of merging NYC’s past and present, but with Crime Cutz the film, we wanted to expand the scope. We wanted to shine a spotlight on some overlooked subjects but also really hone in on the individuals and their personalities within the scenes at large.” 

Since 2007 Alex Frankel and Nicholas Milhiser have written, recorded, produced and released music under the name Holy Ghost!. With a production style leaning towards spaced-out analog synthesizer based compositions, the New York City natives have become a worldwide fixture of the electronic music scene, having most recently released the Crime Cutz EP. The duo is currently in the studio working on their third LP, set for release later this year.

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