Divino Niño

Divino Niño

Divino Niño—the band of Chicago-via-Bogotá, Colombia’s Camilo Medina and Javier Forero, with Pierce Codina (drums), Guillermo Rodriguez (guitar), and Justin Vittori (multi-instrumentalist)—have released their dynamic new single “Drive,” the band’s first release of 2021 and an early preview of their forthcoming genre-defying album for Winspear. Out now alongside a new video directed by Alec Basse that twists and turns along with every accompanying musical shift, ”Drive” arrives just ahead of Divino Niño’s Pitchfork Music Festival debut on September 11th, and a string of headline tour dates at Chicago’s Empty Bottle (September 10th), Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right (September 16th), Washington DC’s DC9 (September 17th), and more. See below for a full itinerary of upcoming live dates.

“Drive” builds upon the intoxicating psych pop and bilingual lyricism of the band’s most recent critically acclaimed LP Foam, while stepping in an exciting new direction that showcases their expanding influences: everything from Reggaeton and electronic music, to South American rock/rap and bachata. “During lockdown, we spent some time trying to find ourselves by making music that captures our friendship and all the things that crack us up,” explains singer/guitarist Camilo Medina. “We got really interested in how other countries interpret American music, which in our minds is the process of imitating and ultimately stumbling into something completely new. ‘Drive’ started out as a demo inspired by Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Gypsy.’ As the song evolved, we ended up mixing in influences of nostalgic rock/rap from South America.”

Of the epic new video, the band explain: “We wanted the video to represent driving as a psycho magical act to confront demons and disappointment head-on. As the musical styles in the song transition, so do the visuals – from partying in a Tesla to a dreamy bachata dance hall, to a spa with culty vibes – resolving in the character finding a sense of post-dawn, pre-hangover peace.”

With last year’s touring plans put to a halt, the band immediately shifted to writing and recording mode and decamped together in a Wisconsin cabin to begin working on new material. Their retreat was short lived, but yielded 2020’s sensual “Made Up My Mind” single. As the pandemic worsened, the band returned to Chicago to shelter in place. When they were finally able to come together again late last year, all the music they had consumed during their time apart was inseparable from the new material they began cooking up. The resultant “Drive” is an exhilarating sonic journey that guides listeners through dreamy walls of synths, dynamic 808 dance beats, and funk inspired guitars. Above all, one thing remains consistent with Divino Niño: they’ll keep your body moving.


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