Hi there! I hope this finds you in good comfort. Get Fixed is a unique album for Cursive, so we thought it best if I explained its inception to you directly. 

I don’t know what’s been going on with me these last few years, but I’ve been writing a lot of music. More than I usually write, which — I suppose — is generally considered ‘a lot’...That damn Midwestern work ethic rearing its bossy head. Cursive had not been collaborating for over half a decade, leaving me with one hell of an itch to scratch. And once we reunited with our original drummer, Clint Schnase, well, I guess I was feeling inspired.

Also, sure, the absolutely fucking bonkers fist fuck this world has been getting with its pathetic, greedy rise of nationalism; yeah, that’s been driving me to put pen to paper as well. You feel like you’re getting pushed around, you want to push back. Not that we’re driven solely by political frustrations, not in the least. But as to the excess of songs as of late? Current events have certainly left their grimy fingerprints on some of the music we’ve written these last few years.

All of this to say that as Cursive was writing last year’s album, Vitriola, there were a lot of songs to contend with. A LOT. Songs worked out in the practice space, songs worked out in the studio, and too many songs filling up my voice memo app to even get a chance to introduce to the band. We had a lot of squabbles over what should make it onto Vitriola, with too many songs lending too much indecision. And we became increasingly more insistent that it could not be a double album: we wanted to give these songs the best possible chance to be comprehended by the listener, and fear double albums can dump too many ideas onto a person’s lap all at once. Even unleashing one normal length album onto our new hyper-scroll-culture can be daunting. Too many songs.

So, we separated the songs into two separate albums, placing some of our favorite songs on what would become known as Get Fixed, and maintaining a balanced blend of mood and intent on both (incidentally, Vitriola was dubbed Get Fixed before we separated these songs, which left the titular track poised for later release). With a year in between these two releases, we were able to go back into the studio (this time with Pat Oakes, our lifelong best bud and touring drummer) to finally record some of those other songs that didn’t get a chance to be introduced the first time around. Being granted the opportunity to spend more time with this record makes it feel even stronger (to us, at the very least).

We’re quite proud of the work we’ve done on both Vitriola and Get Fixed. In certain ways, they may forever be considered companion pieces, but Get Fixed feels as though it’s been emancipated from the Vitriola session: the extra care and attention it received has helped it develop an identity very much its own. These songs of anger, frustration, helplessness and loss feel more poignant to us now than even a year ago — we’re thrilled to finally introduce them to our world. 

Only my best, 

Tim Kasher

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